Rapid deployment shelter systems are crucial for incident response, crisis management, field hospitals, headquarter shelter systems, early entry and military tactical deployment. These fully-functional, portable camp facilities are often deployed in remote areas, and therefore, need to function autonomously with all of the necessary equipment and amenities available on location.

However, the Government of Canada has acknowledged that the standard ranges of deployable shelter systems on the market are not able to meet the requirements of the Canadian military. In April 2015, the Government put out a RFP to procure a Headquarter Shelter System (HQSS).

In order to meet this requirement, the rapid deployment structures must not only meet specific structural requirements in harsh climates, but it must be designed to reduce logistical and operating costs, as well as reduce manpower and equipment needed. However, the commonly used internal-frame design does not accomplish these requirements effectively.

Team Camec was formed in response to the RFP to procure Headquarter Shelter Systems. We provide a tried-and-tested external-frame design which provides lower lifecycle costs and improved in-field performance, compared to the more common designs.

To download a free whitepaper on the advantages of an exoskeleton structure, click here.

External-Frame Rapid Deployment Shelter

As part of Team Camec, Camec Systems is leading the project with a design that is proven in the climates and environmental conditions of 30 countries worldwide, and has been used on a number of projects for NATO countries. Camec Systems is the prime contractor and system integrator for the HQSS Project.

Due to extreme climates, it is crucial to design shelters for a wide range of temperatures, as well as conditions which could include high winds, snow, humidity, etc. Camec has carefully selected, tested, and integrated specialized materials and technologies within the existing range of products to tailor the shelters to the specific needs of the Canadian military. Camec has the technical capability to enhance products for its chosen market to meet the specific local or international demands.

We offer a complete line of shelters that are designed to be lightweight, compact, easy to set up, durable, and resistant to harsh climatic conditions. Each of these shelters is designed as an individual module. This allows for an unlimited amount of configurations so that the structures can be tailored to your specific requirements, whether you require short term or long term camp structures.

To discover the advantages of an external-frame design compared to the more commonly used internal-frame design, click here to download the free whitepaper.

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